It’s Baseball Season, Beware of Curve Balls

Living From the Super-consciousness
"It’s Baseball Season, Beware of Curve Balls"

Life throws us curveballs when we are playing the game of life…and we are all playing the game of life.  We make plans on how to play and then life throws us a curve ball.  We plan to release weight and the sugar cravings kick in stronger than ever.  We pray for prosperity and we get a huge bill in the mail.  We affirm divine health and we get a strange diagnosis.  We go to a thousand A.A. meetings and we drink for no seeming reason.  We assume that the worst storm is coming and the wind barely blows…and we don’t know what to do with that either.

A ball player plans to hit a homerun.  The pitcher throws a curve ball.  Now, the hitter might hit the ball and get to first base or even further.  Or, the hitter may strike out depending on what he or she is thinking when they see the curveball coming.  Some don’t see the curveball coming.  They didn’t realize it was a curve ball until after they got the information.  

Here’s how I see it: God was present through the whole play.  God didn’t just go absentee just because life threw a curveball.  The ball just didn’t come in the way we had planned, and life didn’t happen the way we had planned.  All the good of God still lives within me and I will get a chance to bat again and again and again.  Unless I quit the team…which is a foolish thing to do.  

Keep KNOWING God is the very Presence of our existence.  Keep practicing your game until you master it and keep stepping up to the plate to bat again.  Curveballs aren’t bad, they’re just curve balls.

All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn