It Happened, Now How Are You Going to Think About It?

Living From the Super-consciousness
"It Happened, Now How Are You Going to Think About It?"

I know I’ve said this so many times as have so many New Thought teachers, but our thoughts create our experiences.  It’s not, “that happened and now I have to think this about it.”  It’s “that happened, what am I telling myself about it?”  Nothing has any definite meaning or required way to think about it.  

If you say, “Today was a good day, or today was a bad day,” I will ask you what makes it good or bad?  The answer will come down to, “Because I said so.”  

In God, there are no good days or bad days; there are events that we experience according to what we tell ourselves about them.  

As your day’s events unfold, observe what you tell yourself about them.  What are you telling yourself about the weather, your money, your relationships, your politicians, the bumps in the road, etc….  What are you telling yourself.  Remember, there is no, “I should think this…”  There is only what am I thinking and what is my story?

This goes for everything that happens, not just the big or the small stuff, everything!

All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn