It Came to Pass...It Didn't Come to Stay

 Living From the Super-consciousness
"It Came to Pass...It Didn't Come to Stay"


I heard that statement many years ago and it was profound to me.  The simplicity of it is what appeals to my way of thinking.  First of all I like that it uses an old saying that I’ve heard since childhood and then adds simple logic as well as hope to it.

Everything, whether we like it or not is going to pass through our lives and no matter how hard we try to hold onto it, it is not here for the long term.  

I need to remember this as much as anyone. I’m grateful to have thought of it today.  If everything that comes is meant to stay, we would be so overcrowded with thoughts, stuff and people.  Let’s just look at our problems for a moment here.  Who here has had problems that aren’t problems any longer?  I have!  However, they passed.  There are so many problems I used to have that I don’t have anymore.

I thought I would never get to sixteen and get my driver’s license.  It passed and I drive all the time.   People I love have passed.  People I have resented have passed.  Thoughts I thought were so important have passed.  I don’t remember most of them.  

Whatever you are going through will pass.  They will pass with more ease and grace if you let them.  Observe and decide if they are worth holding onto.  Take responsibility for your thoughts staying or passing.

All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn