Hope and Faith

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Hope and Faith”

This is from The Revealing Word:  Hope is the expectation of good in the future. It is a quality (good as far as it goes) of sense mind because it is subject to time. Faith is the certain knowledge that our good is ours right now. It is of God; it goes beyond time and space.

Look at your beliefs.  Do you believe in the possibility of Good in all things and all people?  If yes, then great, this will be simple.  If no, then you need to look and notice that your faith is directed in the absence of Good.  At least this way, you will know and that it is up to you to work on it.  Some would say their faith is not directed in the negative, it’s just that the world is in such terrible place and people are doing terrible things.  If you are committed to those thoughts, your faith is directed away from God and instead focused on temporary conditions.

The Revealing Word definition does not touch on our beliefs being for less than Good.  There is a reason for that.  In Spirit we are expected to keep our focus on the Good that has no opposite so that we may manifest that Good in our thoughts, our words, our actions and in our demonstrations.  

Let us all keep our focus on complete Good and not any compromise any of it.  Don’t spend time expecting limited Good when you can spend the same amount of time expecting unlimited, overflowing Good in your mind and in your life.  

We have begun our Advent Season.  Advent is about the expectation of recognizing our Good and recognizing it now.  

Season’s Greetings Everybody,
Rev. Shawn