Healing Isn’t Limited to Age, Gender, Race, Social Background or Finances

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Healing Isn’t Limited to Age, Gender, Race, Social Background or Finances”

Insurance may be limited to some or all of those things, but healing isn’t.

We can have unlimited healings in every aspect of our lives.  These healings don’t come without a price however.  The price isn’t the same as what insurance costs.  It is much simpler and yet not as easy for some of us.  The cost of healing is the belief in healing followed up by inner guidance.  

I believed my teachers when they told me all healing is possible.  First, I had to heal in my mind.  Then my body could follow.  I’ve had many healings over the years; sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.  When they are slow, I have to look at my willingness to apply Principle in all aspects of my life.  Sometimes it’s hard to do that because I don’t always want to see what my thoughts are.  However, if I want to have the healing I am promised, I must look at my thinking and see if there is any place it needs to shift.  If it does need to shift, I then need to see if I am willing or if I am more willing to suffer through the long route to healing or suffer through while maintaining the problem?  Nobody said this is easy, they just said it was possible.

Healing isn’t limited to anything but our thinking.  Let’s look at our thoughts and see if they match up to what needs to be healed.  Make it a fun process.

Please don’t ever limit yourself by deciding that “This is the only way to think about it.”  
All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn