As God Is For Me…

 “Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“As God Is For Me…”

Early on in my study I heard, “As God is for me, nothing could be against me.”

It sounded nice but I didn’t understand it.  Sometimes it seems as if something or someone is against me.  Then I looked at it differently.  I turned the other cheek.  I realized that while many things affect me, they aren’t directed at me personally.  

No one is against me personally.  They might be threatened by my religion, my sexuality, my gender, my relationship or whatever else, but they don’t know me.  

Hurricane Ian didn’t single anyone out in Ft Meyers or anywhere else, but it affected them…and thus affected all of us everywhere else.  It wasn’t against us; it was weather happening.

Illness isn’t against us.  Whether it’s mental or physical, illness isn’t against us.  Illness doesn’t consider the person or persons who is affected.

That is why we aren’t wise to feel sorry for ourselves.  We have the power within us to shift everything.  I invite you to listen to my talk from this past Sunday, October 23rd.

I believe that whatever God is, It is Good and is willing that we all thrive and prosper and all we have to do is hold the right thoughts, words and take the right actions.  Do not hold off on your Good with self-pity.  Decide now, “Good can come from this and I am willing to participate in bringing this good about.  What’s more, I am willing that ALL beings thrive and prosper as I thrive and prosper.

As God is for me, I am for me and I am for all beings becoming joy-filled.

Let’s Go, People,
Rev. Shawn