God By Any Other Name Is Still God

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“God By Any Other Name Is Still God”

My most practical and practicable use of God active and present in my life has been to make God as  Good Orderly Direction.  I encourage a lot of people to do this, especially if they struggle with the way god was taught to them as a child.  Early in my healing someone suggested this to me and it made all the difference.  While I still personify God in many ways, I need to know the Power that God is, is within me and I can access it at any time.

G-O-D! Good Orderly Direction.  One foot in front of the other thinking, speaking and doing what ought to be thought, said and done by me.  It always starts with thought and then travels through me from there.  

I wake up in the morning and the thinking begins.  If I’m on point spiritually, I think gratitude thoughts.  From there I pray.  From there I brush my teeth and do whatever else needs to be done in the bathroom.  Then I prepare for my day in whatever way that needs to happen, all the while maintaining prayer and gratitude.  G-O-D

Let God be God in you.  Keep it simple and keep it effective. Let G-O-D be fun.

Please don’t ever decide that “This is the only way to think about it.”  
All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn