Give Me a Piece of Peace

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Give Me a Piece of Peace”

Most of us say we want peace.  Are we willing to be the cause of it?  I know that I have “disturbed the peace” many times in my life.  Every time I choose to hold onto a resentment, it is me who is disturbing the peace.  It is me who is telling the story of the absence of peace.  Even if its someone else who seemed to have started it, it is me who is maintaining it.  By repeating the story (even if only to myself) I am keeping peace at bay.  

Something happened with me and the person sitting in front of me on an airplane once that taught me this lesson.  She slammed her seat back into me and told me it was her right to do so.  I felt it was my right to push her chair back with some force.  We stopped the exchange before it got any further out of hand and I sat in my chair resentfully thinking about what clever thing I could say to her when we landed.  As I contemplated, the thought of disturbing the peace came to mind and I realized that it was me that disturbed the peace.  How did I know?  Because it was my peace that I was disturbing with the meaning I was giving to everything.  When the plane landed, I looked at her and I apologized for disturbing our peace that day.  We both walked off the plane free.  That freedom was so much better than trying to convince myself and anyone else that I was right.

Now, I may not be able to fully offer a peaceful life to myself at this time.  I may need to do it piecemeal.  Hence, create a piece of peace for myself and those around me.  It will start with prayer and willingness.  It will lead to noticing any new thoughts that appear and following through on them.  Sometimes we have to delay our actions because we don’t have the rest of the parties to work with, but we can start with ourselves.

Have a piece of peace with your lunch today and see how quickly things change.

Peace Be With Us and As Us,
Rev. Shawn