Does Your God Love You?

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Does Your God Love You?”

Does your God love you?  If It doesn’t, you need a new God.

Too many of us are going through life thinking God is mad at us or that God has forgotten us.  We can’t afford a God that is mad or too busy.  Therefore, let’s not have that kind of a God.  

This may surprise some of us, but we are making God up.  Many are creating their God based on a lot of misinformation from other people.  Too many “adults” told us as children that God punishes people.  They did this in order to control us.  Those adults were wrong.  I completely believed it when my teachers in Unity told me God is Love and therefore we are loved with an everlasting love.  That is far more logical than anything else.  Where I go awry with that is when I forget that I am loved.  

Let’s take today to remind ourselves that we are loved.  If questions arise about how could it be that you are loved and “bad” stuff still happens, ask yourself if there is anything you could be thinking or doing differently?  This is not to impose blame but to awaken us to consciousness.  

It can be scary to think about altering our own thinking and behaviors.  We like a lot of our behaviors and of course, thoughts that aren’t the best for ourselves or our planetary consciousness, but we do them anyway.  There are those of us who have to think twice or even three times before littering.  Just imagine how hard it can be to refrain from stuff that gives us temporary pleasure.  

Use a wonderful understanding of God to get through the temporary discomfort of so many thoughts and behaviors.  Create a God that loves you so much you could never out-give it.  You could never out-love it.  

We Can Never Out-Love God,
All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn