Can A Weakness Actually Be A Strength?

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Can A Weakness Actually Be A Strength?"

It should be obvious that the answer is “Yes, a weakness can be a strength.”  Weakness is often based on perception rather than reality.  Perceptions rarely find their foundation in reality.  

Some of my greatest weaknesses have given me my greatest strengths.  Where one seems to have a handicap in an area of their lives, either mental or physical, another part of our being strengthens to compensate for the weakness.  Many fears I have experienced in my life have led me to a much stronger prayer life where true perceptions have evolved.  

There is a term I have heard, “being blessed with the gift of desperation.”  The gift of desperation has led many of us to seeking higher thinking for the way to live life with quality and dignity.  Some of us have had to go to the bottom to rise up to understanding and willingness.  It was the only way for some of us to find our strengths.  

Before you criticize yourself for any of your weaknesses, ask yourself if you are willing to be shown how to use this weakness in order to know your strength?  Go ahead and ask, and then listen to the answer.

Have fun this week.

All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn