Both Sides of the Coin Are Valuable

Living From the Super-consciousness
"Both Sides of the Coin Are Valuable "

The front of a penny has the same value as the back of the penny.  One side of a viewpoint can lead to spiritual freedom as another side of the same viewpoint.  

For those of us with a difficult past, let’s not throw it away because it hurt, and perhaps still hurts to think about.  My past has proved quite valuable to my present.  

Where has your past led you to higher thinking?  Or a greater knowledge?  Or given you a greater ability to be of service in the world?

If your past hasn’t done that, it’s because you’re not paying attention.  I have friends who will not allow peace and productivity into their present state of mind and affairs because they are still waiting for the past to not have happened.  I used to do that. (To be honest, I still do sometimes.)  I would sit around and tell people about how I was done wrong by my parents, my teachers in school, my former employers, people I thought were my friends, the traffic on the roads etc…

In my fury and confusion, I was only going to let all of these beings and situations off the hook is if they undid it and made it not have happened.  Of course that was impossible.  So then I was stuck in my misery and it was their fault.  

One day I woke up and realized I didn’t want to be stuck in my misery anymore.  I found people who had successfully transformed their “stuff” into productive thinking and living.  I was also in a healing program that offered promises of healing if I stuck to the principles of refraining from behaviors that went out of integrity.  One of those promises was “we will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it; no matter how far down the path we have gone we will see how our experiences will benefit others.”  Wow!  My experiences could be of use in the world and others could have a better life because of what I had gone through at both the hand of others and my own destructive behaviors.  That was fantastic.  

I got to work at looking at everything differently.  Forgiveness began to reveal itself to me and within a relatively short amount of time I no longer needed my past to not have happened.  I just need to think about it differently.  I found mentors and therapists and friends who could guide me through wisdom and their own experiences of transformation.  The transformation included letting go of some stuff and seeing other stuff radically differently.  

I also continued to observe those who stayed stuck in their old ways of thinking.  I reminded myself of both what I wanted and what I didn’t want.  I made myself available to be present for those who could benefit from my new choices…and while holding sacred space for those who weren’t yet ready for my new journey, I kept and keep a polite distance.  

Let’s remember, both sides of the coin have value, both sides of life have value if properly invested.

I’m really grateful for us!  
All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn