Be Kind…To Yourself

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Be Kind…To Yourself”

Are you kind to yourself?  I don’t mean “nice,” I mean KIND.  Do you forgive your mistakes and go on to have your healing?  Or do you emotionally or mentally beat yourself up for not already being “there”, wherever “there” is?  

In Norwalk we had a retreat last week and a lot of the focus was on writing and creativity.  It was not a writing retreat.  The writing was a device we used to go deeper.  Every single person participated in both singing and writing a song.  No one was made fun of or criticized.  It was a kind environment.  It was a generous environment.  All individuals were kind to each other and to themselves.

This was not a group of professional singers and songwriters.  A couple of people were, but overall, the group were all amateurs.  Everyone showed up as a professional.  We started on Thursday.  Eyes were crossing by Thursday night.  By Friday night many were convinced that the assignment was impossible.  The assignment was to write a song and perform it by Saturday afternoon.  Most individuals had never written a song before.  I’m not sure if anyone, with the exception of David, had written one this fast before.  By Saturday afternoon, every single person got up and sang their original song and that sang it on pitch.  It was impressive.  My original song was probably the lamest and I didn’t care.  I had another success this weekend by singing a song in the singing workshop that I have been wanting to sing for over thirty years.  

Are you kind to yourself about your living environment?  Your work environment?  Your earthly environment?  Are you kind to yourself when others forget to be kind to you?  Do you think and speak words of kindness when mistakes happen?  Yours or someone else’s.  

Begin to practice kindness.  The next time someone does something on the road that you habitually don’t like, bless them well and wish them joy.  Find opportunities for kindness.  Remember, our resentments are a form of unkindness…especially to ourselves.  Holding hate in my heart is unkind to my heart.  Pay attention and find love in your heart and mind.

Blessings All Over the Place.


Please don’t ever decide that “This is the only way to think about it.”  
All the Best For Today,
Rev. Shawn