Hey Everybody,

Blessing is the power of multiplication.  What we bless we increase.  What many of us don’t realize is that we what we think about and speak about the most is what we are blessing.  We must consider the thoughts we entertain.  We must consider our words.  There is so much we don’t want to increase.  Especially since we are all one and therefore, what we wish for another, we consciously or unconsciously wish for ourselves.

Let us consider our thoughts and words.  Let us interrupt them by inviting the Voice for God to re-inform us and give us correct perception where necessary.  Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind and we want to consider what we are multiplying in our thoughts and words.  Speak words of health, well-being and prosperity.  

Keep asking yourself what you really want and if your thoughts and words are reflecting that.  If they aren’t, go within and ask what to be thinking.  If you are living in hatred of another, go within and ask what thoughts to think.  You will be guided gently through to something higher.  

Take these times to bless, bless, bless.

Blessings Always,

Rev. Shawn