Are My Thoughts Fully Accurate about Anything?

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Are My Thoughts Fully Accurate about Anything?"

That is a rather pithy question.  To be accurate in the response to this question, the answer is “No.”  My thoughts are never fully accurate about anything.  How could they be?  My thoughts are always at least a little tinged with prejudice from the past.  If you don’t like the word “prejudice” you can substitute it for the word “influenced”.  All of my thoughts are influenced by my thoughts about the past.  Therefore, my thoughts about what is here and now aren’t truly accurate as to what it means. 

Whatever is up for you right now, notice your thoughts about it…because you certainly do have thoughts about it.  Now notice that those thoughts aren’t necessarily true.  These thoughts point toward the past more than they do the present. 

Now, allow yourself to be okay with that.  Knowing this doesn’t make us unsafe and it doesn’t have to make us unsure.  If we can be okay with not knowing what “this” means, we can then become free to be and allow experience to take over rather than discomfort. 

Allow this statement to enhance your thinking, “My thoughts about this aren’t accurate and that is fine.”  Next, “I give over my thoughts about this to Spirit so that I can have a divine experience now.”  “It’s okay to not know and to just be.”

Let that be the activity for the time being.  Our past is not the boss of us and it can’t control our thoughts about the present without our say so.

In Eastertime Tidings,
Rev. Shawn