Am I Willing to Experience What I Want the Most?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Am I Willing to Experience What I Want the Most?”

This can be a hard choice for some of us.  Many say, “But I don’t know what I want.”  That would be because you are thinking in terms of the physical rather than spiritual.  What do you want spiritually?  Don’t concern yourself with a thought of worthiness or whether or not you can have it.  What do you want?

I’ll tell you what you and I want.  We want to know our connection with our Source.  We want to be assured that there is no absence of Good for any of us at any time.  We want to experience the greatness of our bodies and of our earth without making them the object of our existence.  We want to enjoy the things of this earth without forgetting who we are through obsession and addiction.  We want to know our Good is here and we can’t lose it.  We want to see in Love and Joy and Peace.  We want Truth to be True.  

We can have all of this but we will have to sacrifice our doubts and a lot of behaviors that claim these things to not be true.  We will have to surrender our lack over to abundance and our hatred over to Love.  

Am I willing to experience what I want the most?  Look at what you are currently experiencing and ask yourself if this is what you want.  If it isn’t, begin experimenting with some new thoughts and new behaviors.  See if that’s what you want.  If it is, keep expanding in that direction.  Everything we want most is already here.  The only thing it will cost us is everything unlike it. Let’s go for what we want.

Thank You for Being You,

Rev. Shawn