Advent-Good Things Are Coming/Here

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"Advent-Good Things Are Coming/Here"

Traditionally, Advent has been about the coming of the Christ.  I’ve been ministering for about fifteen years now.  I’ve been preaching every year at this time about the “Coming or Awakening of the Christ Mind.”  The issue with that is I am saying our Good is about to be here and negating that our Good is already here.  

Let’s look at it slightly differently.  Let’s see Advent as one time when we can see ourselves having a very personal experience of ourselves coming into awareness of the Christ consciousness.

I am wondering what my life may have been like if I had been put to bed on Christmas Eve, not in the expectation of a visit from Santa and a lot of toys but instead, with the anticipation that when I wake up in the morning, I am going to know things I didn’t know before.  

Picture this, Washington, PA 1966, an adorable five year old Shawn is being put to bed by people who have a clue, and these wonderful adults say, “Shawn, you need to get a good night’s sleep because of a special event that took place two thousand years ago. Everyone wakes up on Christmas morning knowing Good things they didn’t know before. At least they do if they are paying attention.”  

“But what will I know?” Shawn asks.

 “It’s different for each of us.  You might know more about how to be kind or generous, or both.  You might know more about God and how powerful God is.  You might wake up knowing what’s Good about everybody.”

“Why would I want to know that stuff?” he asks.

“Because, it’s good to know all about that stuff.”  They laughed.   “Knowing about kindness and generosity…and especially about God will get you through all kinds of tricky situations.  It’s important that you trust us on this and go to sleep happy about it.  Believe us when we tell you, there is nothing bad about knowing God and all the Good that God is.”

“Will you know more stuff tomorrow too?”

“Yes, because we trust what we’re saying as well.  Goodnight, Shawn.  We love you.”

“Love you too, Good night.”

Now that is a lovely Christmas scenario.  As I wrote it, I felt it and therefore I just lived it.  By all means, substitute your own name as you read it again.  Trust me on this.  As we choose to know God, we shall know God.  

In a New Consciousness,

Rev. Shawn