“The Power of Life”

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“The Power of Life”

A few weeks ago we started a weekly series here for the first twelve weeks of 2022. I am focusing on our Twelve Powers as given us from Unity’s cofounder, Charles Fillmore.  Each week we’ll look at one of the Powers.  I don’t tend to present them in the traditional order.  I start at the top and work my way through the body.  For me, it’s easier to remember this way, and it’s easier to connect how they work and to use them practically.  Please remember that all of our spiritual principles and teachings are only a theory until they are practiced and proven. 

I will post the current week’s power first and have the previous week’s below.  That way you can see how the earlier powers connect.

Our twelfth power is the Power of Life.  “Today I choose Life and I choose it more abundantly.”  That is one of my favorite affirmations.  Life is what animates us.

In aligning our Twelve Powers let’s remember that we started with the Power of Faith.  In our Faith we say “Yes” to Life.  Next, with the Power of Will we call forth the thoughts to activate Life in our mind, in our cells and in the very air we breathe.  I encourage you to reread the rest of the powers. 

Life did not begin with the body and it won’t end with the body.  Life IS.  It is in our living Life and the thoughts we accumulate as to what we call our life.  Not everyone calls Life good.  Not everyone calls it bad.  Where the confusion happens is that we think life is happening to us.  Life IS.  We call forth the quality of Life we live by telling ourselves what it is, rather than going within and asking Spirit, “What is Life?  Tell me what to think of it.” 

Today and each day from now, let’s develop the practice of going within to get our thoughts.  If you’re not already doing that, notice the difference and the quality of Life you are living.

Here’s to Life…
Rev. Shawn