A Loss of Mind

Living From the Super-consciousness
"A Loss of Mind"

What do you do when someone you love seems to have lost their mind?  I’m not speaking of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  I’m speaking of when someone completely forgets who they are and what their spirituality is, and they have done what seems to be terrible things to you; what do you do?

Do you hate them if they seem to hate you?  Do you throw them away as if they are something to discard?  What do you do?

First of all, do your best to remember who and what you are so that you don’t forget as well.  Then you pray.  Go within and ask the Highest Voice within you for what to think in this situation.  Ask your Self for the Truth of the situation to be revealed and then take your actions.  

Next, rinse and repeat.

Before each action, go within and ask.  Trust the Divine Voice within you.  It will never guide you to hurt yourself or another.  Remember, you can never force another to wake up, but you can awaken yourself by desiring God more than you desire confusion.  Keep asking the Highest.

Remember, we are all equal in God no matter how we behave.  In God we trust, and move and have our being.

All the Best for Today,
Rev. Shawn