At Your Command! Delivering On the Promise of Prosperity

October 26-29 Thursday through Sunday 10 AM-9PM Sunday 1-5 PM

Cost $350.00 includes all meals and materials. $100 nonrefundable deposit will reserve your seat. This event is limited to 24 registrants.

In New Thought we are constantly told that Prosperity is ours for the taking. Well it is, but we have to TAKE IT. Prosperity is a theory that has to be proven. We prove it through our thinking, our words and our actions. Prosperity is an evolution in our minds and it manifests in many forms because prosperity is an interpretation in perception.

What is your perception of prosperity?

Is it more money? Is it work that you love? Is it harmonious relationships? Is it the freedom to give yourself what you want without fear of criticism for wanting it? Is it freedom from fear itself? Is it seeing the world in a brighter light? Is it all this and more? It’s our thinking that creates these perceptions.

Do you want to:                                               Forgive your past?                                               Go to school?                                            
KNOW peace & equanimity?                        Clear your mind of cloudy thoughts                Acquire more cash?        
Clean your home?                                           Own your own company?                                 Release Weight? Gain Weight?
Hire someone to clean your home?            Find the ideal job?                                              Clean out your closet?             
Discover your ideal relationship?                Do stand-up Comedy                                           KNOW yourself as a powerful manifester?                                                 

We will spend these few days together working on creating conscious thinking in our minds so that we can create conscious living in our life experience. Through meditation, prayer, group discussion, THOUGHT EXCHANGE, and active creativity, we’re going to recognize where we may have been holding back on our divine-selves and how we can creatively let loose and be who we ACTUALLY are. THUS, experiencing real joy-filled days of productivity that benefits ourselves AND those in our immediate vicinity as well as creating an expanded world consciousness.

Start preparing now for creating the next, best part of living your life.
Remember, our life doesn’t happen in the future, it always happens NOW, and it is our thoughts that makes the difference.

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Forgive your past?

Clear your mind of cloudy thoughts

Own your own company?

Find the ideal job?

Do stand-up comedy

Go to school?

Acquire more cash?

Release weight?

Gain weight?

Clean out your closet?