Ongoing Monthly Events

Open Mic Night - 3rd Saturday of each month at 7pm. Click HERE for more details.

Journey Beyond Words and a Chat With Spirit

with Rev. Shawn Moninger

We are moving to a new reading together on Wednesday evenings.  Feel free to commit or drop in when you can.  We'll be reading the book JOURNEY BEYOND WORDS by Brent Haskell.  Some of you may remember this book when we studied it at Adult Sunday School many years ago.  We'll be combining the reading along with our written conversations with Spirit.  These Wednesday evenings have brought those who participate a great deepening of the presence of Higher Understanding.  Join us as we embark with a new book (available on Amazon and Kindle) and a new perspective.

Zoom class online!
Ongoing every Wednesday at 7pm
Cost: $20 Suggested Love Offering


Lunar Cycle Ceremonies
with Theresa Crisci, LUT

Along with utilizing the monthly lunar cycle power, we are empowered by taking this time to be still, check in and see what is ours to do.  What is yours to create during this time on the planet?  What do you need to let go of, what is no longer serving you?  This one hour each month, during the full moon and new moon cycles, will help you answer these questions. Then you go back to your home and continue to foster these findings.  Come check it out with us.  Both events each month help one establish excellent practices for manifestation.     

    New Moon               Full Moon
     8/9, 9/7                8/23, 9/20    

Click these links to register for each ceremony:

Lunar Cycle Ceremony Aug 9

Lunar Cycle Ceremony Aug 23

Lunar Cycle Ceremony Sept 7

Lunar Cycle Ceremony Sept 20


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