Ongoing Monthly Events

Unwind - ON HOLD DUE TO COVID 19 - 1st & 3rd Monday of each month at 7 pm. Click HERE for more details.

Open Mic Night - ON HOLD DUE TO COVID 19 3rd Saturday of each month at 7pm. Click HERE for more details.

Journey Beyond Words and a Chat With Spirit

with Rev. Shawn Moninger

We are moving to a new reading together on Wednesday evenings.  Feel free to commit or drop in when you can.  We'll be reading the book JOURNEY BEYOND WORDS by Brent Haskell.  Some of you may remember this book when we studied it at Adult Sunday School many years ago.  We'll be combining the reading along with our written conversations with Spirit.  These Wednesday evenings have brought those who participate a great deepening of the presence of Higher Understanding.  Join us as we embark with a new book (available on Amazon and Kindle) and a new perspective.

Zoom class online!
Ongoing every Wednesday at 7pm
Cost: $20 Suggested Love Offering


Dynamics for Living
with Rev. Shawn Moninger

Each week we will read several excerpts from this vital Unity book.  During the reading we will discuss and get clearer understanding of our language and how we can better apply the principles of thinking and healing.

Tuesday's at 11 AM EST
Beginning October 27th - January 19th  (It is okay to drop in when you are available)  
Cost: Love offering

Zoom Link:
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Click HERE for more informaion.

Conversations With Spirit 2
with Rev. Shawn Moninger
Our first retreat went so well we have been asked to do it again.  The value of having direct communication with the Highest Voice within us and doing it with so many others present has proven to be invaluable.   Our time together has already shifted the words and actions of most who were here and we are seeing the shift in ways we cannot deny as anything other than the conscious awareness of the Presence of Spirit active in our minds and in our lives.  Several participants are already registering for our next event.  Please join us and give yourself this gift.  If you don't do it, you won't know the difference.  If you will.

2 Day Staycation Retreat
Friday, November 6th 7-9:30 pm
Saturday, November 7th 9:30 am-5 pm
Cost: $150

Click HERE to register.  Once you have registered and paid your fee we will contact you to see if you will be joining us in person or if we need to send you the link to sign in on ZOOM.


with Diane Bustamante


Take this crochet and knitting class for beginner and intermediate lessons.  Diane will coach you on mastering the basics so that all can participate.  Bring your  yarn and needles/hook, if you have them.  Supplies will be available for purchase as well.

Monday, April 6th at 7pm
Cost: $20 Suggested Love Offering.

Sign up by the Friday before by emailing:

Click HERE to view flyer.



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