Ongoing Monthly Events

Reiki Healing Circle - 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm. Click HERE for more details.

Open Mic Night - 3rd Saturdayof each month at 7pm. Click HERE for more details.

Unity's 11th Annual Summer Retreat
WHOLENESS From the Inside Out

Facilitated by Rev. Shawn Moninger, Co-Facilitated by David Friedman, Music Director: Kenneth Gartman

It’s not that we’re not already Whole beings.  It’s that we have forgotten we are Whole, and we must give ourselves opportunities to remember by indulging in spiritual adventures with like-minded individuals.  This retreat is that opportuniy to deepen your relationship with God-yourself-and your spiritual family.

August 4 - 9 , 2019

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class with Rev. Shawn Moninger

This advanced six-week course examines the prosperity teachings of Charles Fillmore (PROSPERITY) and Eric Butterworth (SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS).  Students explore the broader meaning of prosperity beyond “material things” to discover their own beliefs about money, abundance and lack.

Wednesdays, January 9th thorugh February 27th at 7pm
Cost: $20 Love Offering

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The Power of Prayer
with Theresa Crisci

This course introduces the student to the way Jesus taught his followers to pray by using “positive prayer.  Theresa will use interactive discussion, reading materials, independently and reviewing together, completing assignments designed to open the student to new ways of praying, and taking part in prayer and meditation activities.


Tuesdays, March 5th  - April 9th from 7 - 9pm
Cost: $20 Love Offering

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Good Humor Stand Up Comedy Class
with Shawn Moninger

Do you want to get on stage and do comedy? Is it your dream to stand at a microphone and make people laugh? Then this is your opportunity to do it! Shawn will teach you how to be authentic and create comedy by doing what comes to you naturally.

4 Saturday's: March 23 & 30 & April 6 & 13 from 1 - 4pm
Showcase: April 20th
Cost: $300

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