What Would You Give to Know God Better?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“What Would You Give to Know God Better?”

First of all, do you have a desire to know God even better than you do?  Do you already have a complete faith that God is on your side?  Would you rather surrender to the unknown and risk failure, than go with what doesn’t work but at least you will know what you are going to get?  That’s a long question, I know, but would you?

I have a friend who was very clear that he would have stayed in a relationship that wasn’t making him happy rather than risking and ending it, while knowing that it was possible to have a joyous relationship that could be very satisfying.  He didn’t see how to give himself a joyous relationship. The risk of change was too scary.  (BTW, he did end his relationship and is now in one that, while it is challenging, it is not destructive and it is kind.)

That happens a lot in our practice.  Would I give this up in order to have even better?  A member of our community spoke up at our annual membership meeting on Sunday in regards  to our search for a new space.  One person said, “Why move if we’re not overflowing?”  This other person said, “We have reached a level of excellence and we must move up to our next level of excellence.”  She went on to say, “We can’t stay at this level and stretch.  We must move to see who we are next.”

That is so different than thinking that “We’ll be good once we do that.”  We’re not in our “bad” place trying to get to our good place.”  We are already good.  Now we want to know we are good in a ground floor, easily accessible, easily affordable space.  “Affordable” can mean many things.  For me it means either it’s free, it costs a few dollars or our income shoots up to higher than we have ever had.  I’m open to easily affordable.

What we must see here is that we must give away thoughts of limitations in order to experience abundance and prosperity.  It’s a risk to the emotions.  Here’s why: we have identified ourselves as our thoughts.  If we give away those thoughts, who will we be?  Here’s who: we’ll be who we actually are instead of an illusion of ourselves.  As we risk our limited thoughts and false identities, we enter into what we really are with authentic thoughts.   As we are giving away old thoughts and limited beliefs we are creating a way for a new level of excellence.  

So what thoughts would you give…away for your new level of excellence?  Let’s give it a thought.

In Gratitude Always,

Rev. Shawn