What Ought to Be Done By Me

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"What Ought to Be Done By Me"

Am I doing what ought to be done by me?  Am I living an ideal spiritual life?  That is not asking, “Am I living a perfect life?”  There is a difference.  There is an old expression, “Progress, not perfection”, and it applies here.  Am I progressing on my path diligently?  

Am I praying as I should?  What does that mean? It means, am I praying to connect to my Source or am I praying to get God to give me stuff?

Am I giving to others?  What does that mean?  It means, am I actively seeking places where my talents can benefit others.

Am I getting out of bed?  Am I bathing?  Am I releasing complaining and actively praising?  Am I listening instead of talking?  

Am I open to new information rather than trying to make what doesn’t work, work?  

If I am in a healing fellowship/program, am I talking with as many others in that fellowship as I need to in order to change and grow?  

Am I picking up the phone before I pick up substances?  

Am I looking at things that used to offend me and asking, “Is there any love in this?”

When I am attacked with accusations am I asking, “What’s the truth here?”  

Am I forgiving, tithing, loving, and fulfilling the promises of God?

Am I releasing old stories about myself and my parents so that I may be free?  

Am I ______________________ (fill in the blank)?

 I encourage all of us to ask ourselves these questions in order to free ourselves from any active or residual misery.  If there is any place you find yourself stuck in life, ask yourself these questions.  Don’t do it for guilt, do it for freedom.  Follow through on the answers to these questions and find out what the results are.  

Congratulations on your bravery for asking.

Rev. Shawn