What Does Asking Mean?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“What Does Asking Mean?”

It’s hard to understand that we are to “ask” in prayer and then be told not to ask for anything because we already have everything.  What do these strange spiritual instructions mean and do they oppose each other?

It’s all about attitude and the thoughts we are holding when we do anything.  If we go into prayer with the thought of lack, we are likely to be affirming lack even though our words are trying get something.
If we are “asking” while hoping that some benevolent Being will give us something, we probably are not giving ourselves great opportunities for manifestation.  

To “ask” is a subtle command.  It is done with the expectation of manifestation.  The example I like is, when we ask for our paycheck, we are expecting.  We aren’t hoping our employers decided to pay us.  We did the work and we expect to be paid.  

When I “ask” for something in prayer, I am actually asking myself to awaken to receive it.  If I am asking in, in prayer, for someone to give me something and the “someone” has options as to whether or not give it to me, then I am barking up the wrong tree in my asking.  

It is foolish to ask without the expectation of receiving.  If I ask another person to give me something, it is because I expect them to give it to me.  If they say “no”, it means they aren’t the one to give it to me.  It doesn’t mean I can’t have it; it just means they aren’t the one to give it to me.  

Whatever it is that I want, provided it is for the good of all, is available provided I have the consciousness to receive it.  

So use your prayer time to become God-centered and then ask yourself to become open to receiving.


Rev. Shawn