What To Do When You Fall

Hey Everybody,
"What To Do When You Fall"

A couple of weeks ago I fell down in my basement…and I hurt myself pretty good.  I still have bruises and torn muscles and a great deal of pain at times.  I called this letter, “What to do when you fall.”  Here’s the thing, do what you do when you don’t fall; give thanks and pray (and therapy can be good as well).  I’m rediscovering how hard it can be to refrain from begging God for a healing as if God can’t see or hear unless I beg.  It’s not about the healing.  The healing is inevitable.  Maintaining my conscious connection to the Source of healing while having pain is the challenge.  However, my experience has been that each time I remember my connection to my Source, my suffering is eased. (If not my pain.)

Maintaining my conscious connection is what saves me spiritually and mentally even when I have to scream.  My main affirmation to bring me back to awareness is, “The Christ in me is awake now.”  Sometimes I say it over and over.  Other times I declare, “Only Love lives in me.”  Or I shorten it to “Love, Love, Love”.

Find your spiritual “something to do” while you are getting through a traumatic experience.  Find what comforts your mind so that you can even think of God and the amazing healing that can take place when one is focused on the Source of health and well being Itself.  Get the help you need from others as well so that you don’t have to feel like you are alone. 

We can fall physically and we can fall mentally.  Be sure and call upon God, Spirit, Principle, Law etc. so that you keep remembering the Good that is possible and the transformation that can come out of going all the way through an experience. 
In Christ Awareness,

Rev. Shawn