What Do I Want?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“What Do I Want?”

Do you spend more time focused on what you want or on what you don’t want?  I frequently catch myself thinking that if I could just get rid of the “bad” (lack of money, lack of time, disagreements, politicians, etc…) then my good would be here.  What happens is that I manifest more of what I don’t want and not any of what I do want.

I was praying in my journal on this very thing the other day when I heard the Voice within me ask, “Shawn, what do you want?”  I immediately heard the good sense in this question.  I manifest what I think about the most.  I began to list what I do want.  Then the Voice asked me if I believed this was possible?  I responded that I did or otherwise I wouldn’t even have the words for these things.  Then, I was asked if I was willing?  Now that was a different story altogether.   I seem to be in the habit of thinking otherwise.  Judging by many conversations and patterns I practice, it seems that I affirm lack at least as often as I affirm abundance.  The Voice encouraged me, perhaps even commanded me to interrupt the lack thoughts and conversations and affirm my abundance.  Then It said that it would send me signs that I am loved and prosperous, so I should pay attention.  

Since then, I have seen many signs (sometimes very subtle) that I am loved and that I am surrounded by great prosperity.  I am continuing to expect my signs.  I now know that I need these reminders that I am loved and I need to pay attention to the reminders.  I have been negating and overlooking many signs for too long.  I can look around and see the signs all around me.

I ask you, are you willing to have what you want?  Make a list of what you want (not what you don’t want or what you want to get rid of, ie: getting rid of poor health or poverty…or a political candidate after you finish that list, ask yourself if you are willing to experience it and then if you are willing to redirect your words in the direction of it/them.  Ask the Highest within you to remind you that you are loved.  (Remember, the downfall of someone you hate is not a sign that you are loved.)  Ask, and expect to receive.  Please let me know how this goes for you.

In the Willingness to Know We Are Loved,

Rev. Shawn