Welcome to Unity Center of Norwalk

Hello, Welcome home to Unity,

/sites/unitycenternorwalk/files/Shawn-Rainbow250.jpgWhether it’s your first time here or your thousandth, each time is new.  Every time we enter our sanctuary, we open to a new thought and each new thought is the next beginning.  It is the next beginning for a realization of Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony.  With these aspects of God active and present in our lives we stand a greater chance of health and healing in our mind and body.  We increase our harmony.  We increase our prosperity and we are able to see our world in ways where forgiveness is available for all.  

If you’re not yet familiar with Unity and what it is, the easiest definition is, “Unity is a spiritual philosophy for positive living.”  We like to say that while we use the Bible as a master book of metaphysical teachings and we use Jesus as a master teacher, we are still spiritual rather than religious.  
We have found that an active prayer life of affirmations and denials is the shortcut to a mastery of living.  Unity’s co-founder Charles Fillmore calls prayer “Our conscious communion with God.”  

Probably the best and most important aspect of Unity is that all are welcome.  Bring whatever faith you are currently experiencing and see if the Unity teachings can enhance or round it out.  We don’t seek to destroy anyone’s current set of beliefs, but we do seek to remove any limitations to one’s vision of possibility.  We believe all things Good are possible with God in one’s thoughts.  

If you think we can be of service to you through prayer, spiritual counseling or answering fundamental questions about Unity and how it can enrich your life, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by calling our office (203) 855-7922 to set up an appointment.

Blessings through this next part of your spiritual journey.

Rev. Shawn Moninger