Week Ten: “The Truth is Always True and Won’t Ever Not Be True”

Hey Everybody,
Christ-ist Living Series
Week Ten: “The Truth is Always True and Won’t Ever Not Be True”

In our Christ-ist Living we must come to terms that Truth is always going to be True and what is not Truth won’t ever be True.
Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to make the temporary, permanent.  We as human/spiritual beings have been trying to make effect the cause of our lives, and the conditions of our lives are the fault of something outside of ourselves.  

In our prayers, we are (unconsciously) trying to convince God of what is bad and wrong and then begging God to fix it, even though we don’t want to change the thought that caused it and is maintaining it.  Essentially, we are trying to get God to not be God.  

Every time we try to convince God that something is “bad” or even “good”, we are trying to make what is not true, True.  It never works and ultimately we still find ourselves disillusioned.  What’s more, we are trying to make ourselves what we will never be, “bad.”  (Poorly behaved maybe, but we will never be “bad.”)

Rather than telling God what we think is going on, let’s always ask the Highest Voice within us what to think about what we see going on.  Maybe we don’t know and have been making it up?  

Let’s not mistake niceness for Love.  Let’s not mistake ugly for bad.  Let’s not mistake anything by judging it according to our past.  Let’s ask the Highest Voice within us as to what to think about it.  

If there is any question as to what Truth is here:  Truth is that which does not change.  God/Love/Principle does not change.  My understanding of it does.  Therefore, my understanding is not Truth.

How wise we would be to shut up when it comes to our voice in the political arena.  Most of us are not voicing our thoughts about politics, but we are voicing our hatred of ourselves by placing it on others.  Here’s the thing about that, get help in regards to your hatred.  Seek a spiritual advisor.  God doesn’t hate so,  what could make us qualified to hate?  Nothing and no one, that’s what.  Look at what you are putting out into the world (please know that this isn’t directed at any one individual, this is directed at all of us.) and ask yourself if you are the valid judge to be calling your brothers and sisters, all created by God, the vile names that some of you are calling them.  Look at your past.  Is there some wreckage that needs to be cleaned?  Is there unforgiveness that needs examining?

Yesterday, a woman I know was calling someone the most vile names on Facebook.  I called her on it.  I asked how she knew these things since she had never met the person she was talking about.  I asked if she had any proof of what she was talking about?  Now, let’s be clear that she was not stating her political beliefs, she was character assassinating.  I was taught that what I do to my brother or sister, I do to myself.  She wrote back, thanking me and then deleted her rant.

The problem for me is that when we call each other names, we think we are stating the truth as if it were the Truth.  Clearly we aren’t, but we are managing to confuse ourselves further into believe that God is somehow either absent or separate.  
I am begging all of us to pray and remember, only Truth is True and therefore nothing else could ever be True.  Our opinions aren’t Truth.  Our likes and dislikes aren’t Truth.  If it can change, it isn’t Truth.  

Now, pray, “Spirit/God (whatever term you like to use) tell me what to think about this.”  You will be guided from there.  You may not hear in words, but assume that if you have asked, believing, you have been told and the answer will show up.  

In Christ-est living, The Truth will always be True and nothing else will.  Keep it simple.
Rev. Shawn