We Don’t Get Rid of It, We Transform It

Hey Everybody,

"We Don’t Get Rid of It, We Transform It”

What do you try to do with something you don’t like? Most of us try to get rid of it as if it is somehow “bad”. We would do much better to notice how we feel about something, but then go within and ask what to think about it. I frequently go within and I ask that Voice within me, “Tell me what to think of this. How can I see it or use it for Good?” I find when I do that, I have way fewer regrets. I stay calmer and the Good is always revealed to me. Good can come from everything. That doesn’t mean the situation or incident is “Good.” It means that Good can come from it if I am open and willing to see it.

That is the art of transformation. If we stay open to the revelations of Spirit, God, the Voice that loves us and cannot not love us, we will see in ways that we have not seen before and our whole being will be transformed from something we thought was useless to something that is quite valuable.

I have been through millions of experiences in my life (anybody else?) and the only regrets I have at this point are the ones where I’m not yet willing to experience full forgiveness. I keep praying on those things and I keep looking for the willingness. It seems rather silly to hold on to anything I’m not willing to know the grace of God in, but there are still some silly notions in my head. I have confidence that even these will pass as I keep expressing my willingness.

I encourage all of us to quit thinking we have to get rid of the “bad” and start asking for clarity on what’s really happening for Good.

In Great Relief,

Rev. Shawn