We Cannot Afford to Be Indifferent to Our Spirituality

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“We Cannot Afford to Be Indifferent to Our Spirituality”

It still surprises me that no matter how many times some people have been here and heard my talks, they still think they can “get away” with indifference to spiritual indifference.  Many that live like this is a fantasy world and “out there” is the real world.  And because of that they still live in the discomfort of doubt.

Indifference to our spirituality is a sure path for confusion and disappointment with life. 

I beg of us all to abandon a take it or leave it attitude when it comes to the Power that lives within us.  Study, pray, study, practice, pray, study, pay attention, pray, and study.  Observe the difference from when you pay attention and when you simply go “eh.” 

If you want to know more and better how to do this, reach out and I will guide you.  Claim the best and highest for yourself.

Oh, How Wonderful,
Rev. Shawn