We’re on a Retreat

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“We’re on a Retreat”

     Several of us from Unity Center are on retreat this week.  Retreat: “An organized group withdrawal from regular activities for contemplation or the development of closer relationships.”
     We are taking this time with each other in Chester, CT to further contemplate divine possibilities in our mind, body and life.   We are also holding each individual from Unity Center in Light and Love, knowing that each individual is, in Truth, with us in consciousness.  

     Each morning think of us and consider yourself with us in Spirit.  Today is Wednesday.  Today we are in the Silence and we are being Silent together.  Consider us and consider your journey and how you may take moments in the Silence today.  

     We look forward to reconnecting in person this Sunday to share our experiences as you share yours.  Let’s see how many we have in common.

Blessings on everyone’s journey this week,