The Way Through Fear

 Hey Everybody,
"The Way Through Fear”

The Revealing Word definition of fear is: “One of the most subtle and destructive errors the carnal mind in man experiences.  Fear is a paralyzer of mental action.  It weakens both mind and body.  Fear throws dust in our eyes and hides the mighty spiritual forces that are always with us.  Blessed are those that deny ignorance and fear and affirm the presence and power of Spirit.”

What’s the way through this paralyzer?  Fear is cast out by concentrating on love.  To be centered on and in Divine Love.  One must be selfless to do this.  One must abandon one’s self-centered opinions and give over to thoughts of perfect love.  Observe what happens when you take on a thought of love when fear strikes.  Do you feel an easing within your mind and body?  Do you notice less resistance in your immediate experience?

 Make this a new habit.  Every time you find yourself experiencing fear, quickly take on a thought of love.  Ask yourself how willing you could be to let Love be the guiding thoughts for all beings.  Remember, you are one of all beings.  

Walk your way through fear so that you are the master of your thoughts.


Rev. Shawn