The Underlying Thought

Hey Everybody,
“The Underlying Thought”

Until our underlying thoughts align with the experiences we desire, we aren’t likely to have those experiences and if we do get them, we won’t know what to do with them.  So many desire money.  They desire it to the point of craving it.  They dream of what they will do with it and yet they don’t manifest it.  Why not?  Because with all of the fantasizing and affirming, there is an underlying thought that they can’t have it.  So what so many are ultimately doing is affirming the absence of money which they do believe.

How can we have health while holding the thought of the absence of health?  We can’t.  

And yet, that doesn’t stop us from trying.  So many of us aren’t interested in metaphysical laws…we just want what we want.  After all, we’re nice people, we should have this stuff.  How can God keep letting us down?!!!  And yet, we keep getting let down and we affirm the absence of our good in even stronger thoughts.  

Today, now, use the time you use to affirm the absence of good, to explore your thoughts and seek to change them.  See how you can align your thoughts with God-mind.  How could you begin to think “There is no absence of any good thing.” And that is also the underlying thought?  Keep looking with a scrupulous eye to your underlying thoughts.  Find the ones that see the absence of any good thing anywhere and remind those thoughts of what has to be true.  Don’t be mad at them.  Just notice them and then start affirming what you want to see.  After you do your affirmations, ask yourself, “Do I believe this or am I just hoping to believe it?”  Observe your answer.  Be very honest with yourself.  We can affirm a blue wall is brown all day long, but it will still be blue.  You will have to change your thoughts and buy some brown paint and paint the room in order for it to be brown.

We must pray and meditate to improve our understanding of the nature of God and then we will most likely become very powerful. And yet, conscious manifestors.  Give it a try.  If you’re already doing it, keep it up.
Nice Praying With You,

Rev. Shawn