True Prosperity

Hey Everybody,
"True Prosperity"

I recently read a definition of True Prosperity that I like.  It said, “prosperity is success in prayer.”  The writing went on to say, “From the point of view of the soul, success in prayer is the only kind of prosperity worth having.”  Quite frankly, if our prayers are successful, we’ll have all of everything we need.
What is a successful prayer?  It is a prayer that awakens our assurance of our connection to, or our ONENESS with our Source.  Having stuff and cash is not prosperity, (although it is nice to have cash and stuff.)  Awareness of the Source of all manifestation is prosperity.  Take time to remember the Power that is your Source of thoughts.  You may not like all of your thoughts, but it is the same Power that brings them into manifestation.  Yes, even our thoughts are manifested from Source.  

If you haven’t already, discover your True Prosperity so that you may know real, consistent success in prayer.


Rev. Shawn