Today Is a Good Day to Give It Over to Love...Whatever ‘It’ Is

Hey Everybody,
“Today Is a Good Day to Give It Over to Love...Whatever ‘It’ Is”

There is no better time than now to look to Love as our Source and our Supply, and let Love transform our lives, circumstance by circumstance.
Today, now is always a good time to look to God/Love/Principle for the solution for any confusion.

Take all that you see as less than God and rather than deciding for yourself what that means, go into Love and ask for True meaning of what you perceive.  In other words, ask for correct perception to your opinions.  Take nothing for granted.  Keep asking the Highest Voice within you (Love) to tell you what to think, thought by thought.  Desire peace where you see conflicts and know that further conflict does not bring peace into the conscious mind.  Being “right” about what you see as wrong does not shed light on the planet, it just further exacerbates it.  Especially, if you spread your stupid opinions about what you think you are right about all over the place.

If it is Love you wish to give to the world, then give Love.  If you are struggling to see Love, then go to a therapist or minister., or some kind of counselor and tell them that it is Love you want to witness not the other stuff.  Tell yourself that it is Love you want to witness and then follow through on the divine guidance you get.

I know that the Highest Voice within me never mentions the news or who I did or did not vote for.  It never tells me that I should be angry at my parents or even that I should be angry at myself.  Love tells me to love.  Peace tells me to have peace.  Principle tells me to live in Principle and Divine Law tells me that I can’t escape the Law and I never have and I never will.
Seek wisdom about God.  Seek wisdom about Love.  Seek wisdom about yourself and how Love is you.  Let that other stuff go and turn it over NOW.

Happy Today,

Rev. Shawn