Thoughts Are Nonstop Instructions

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Thoughts Are Nonstop Instructions”

Our thoughts are constantly giving instructions to our body about whether to open up or shut down.  We teach that “thought is cause” and therefore, it must be our thoughts that create our experiences of everything.  Once our thoughts decide something, there is an effect in the body.  This is not about guilt or blame but about the realization that we have a say in the conditions in our body.

A thought of God as Source and Principle can open the body to health, well-being and vigor.  A thought of guilt, shame or sickness can lower the body’s vibration to all sorts of sluggishness or even the experience of sickness. And dis-ease.  

We must decide on what we want to experience and then decide what thoughts we want to think and decide if some of our thoughts are worth the risk of some pretty lousy effects. 

“My thoughts are giving instructions to my body continuously.”  When I think in those terms I start thinking about many of the thoughts I have been holding and I start thinking about which ones are likely to raise my vibration and leave my insides clean.  Then I look at some of the other thoughts; the resentment and the lack thoughts and I have to ask myself if my resentment at someone is worth the risk of my mind and body shutting down and the possibility of sickness?  Are my lack thoughts worth my body shutting down?

What is the solution?  It can’t be guilt for having the thoughts.  It has to be in the asking for new/True thoughts from your Superconscious mind.  Ask your highest Self what is the Truth in any given situation.  You may have some discomfort in the answers because your highest Self is never going to tell you to stay angry “because that’ll show them.”  Your highest Self will always guide you to peace and clarity and never to confusion.  Sometimes it may seem to be too simple, but it isn’t. 

We all want to give better instructions to our body so we must give it True instructions by way of True thoughts.
In True Thinking,