Stop Dehumanizing. Stop De-Spiritualizing. Start Loving…All the Time

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Stop Dehumanizing.  Stop De-Spiritualizing.  Start Loving…All the Time”

Yesterday, someone I love tagged me in a Facebook posting that asked me to agree with the topic and share with others.  The end of the rant within the posting said, “Beyond Reasonable.”  It was a completely unreasonable request for a child of God.

First of all, I was surprised that someone who knows me would tag me, of all people, and ask me to agree with such a thing as this document proposed.  Whoever originated the document wants walls built and English as the only language spoken in America and some other things that add up to separation of people and what seems to be non-people.

I don’t usually go into political issues here, but I’m not sure that this is a political issue here.  This isn’t about who is President and who isn’t.  This is about people objectifying themselves and each other as if they are separate within God.  The person who sent me this calls himself a Christian.  

I responded to the posting which I don’t usually do, but I think that I need to speak out about how we as humans who say we love God and yet hate and abandon each other.  Those of you who are racist and believe in heaven as an afterlife, do you think that there is segregation in heaven?

I personally don’t perceive heaven or hell as a place for afterlife.  I do personally believe in heaven and hell as states of mind right here and now.  If I reject my Christ nature, I am in hell.  When I consciously seek to express my Christ-self I am in heaven.

 What is this “Christ-nature” you speak of, Shawn?  Let me tell you.  Think of Jesus or someone else considered exemplary and impeccable and look at what they embraced as their lifestyle.  The Jesus Christ example is that all are welcomed into the Kingdom right here and now.  All must be forgiven their transgression and all must stop transgressing.  All beings are Good in God and Divine in their true nature and we must insist that we see ourselves and each other that way if we are to live in peace.  Throwing people away over a wall like trash to be forgotten about is not a Christ-like expression.  It is nasty and dehumanizing for all of us.

Let us imagine that Europe didn’t want Americans coming on their land and they had soldiers at the ready to keep us off of their land, and if we, as Americans, did get in and the Europeans separated spouses and children until further notice… ?  If that were to happen, many people I know would be outraged at how they could be treated that way.  How they could be dehumanized!  I know people who are outraged at how they are dehumanized at the airport.
I struggle greatly with being dehumanized and de-spiritualized.  I work diligently to see myself as God’s beloved child and I work just as hard at seeing my fellow humans in the same light…even if I don’t like them or if I fear them.  I don’t want to dehumanize my fellow-people by building walls.  I want to pray and learn how to love people even if they are different.  I love America and I love the world.  I want to be so much more than American.  I AM GOD’S BELOVED CHILD and I AM PART OF A WHOLE HUMAN RACE WHOSE FOUNDATION IS BASED IN ONENESS.  

So, People, get over your illusions that we are separate and look at how we are the same.

Best Ever,

Rev. Shawn