The Solution Is More Important Than the Problem

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"The Solution Is More Important Than the Problem"

If there seems to be a problem in your life, the solution is far more important than the cause or the problem itself.   It is very important to remember that.  Otherwise, you are stuck with a problem and no solution.  Knowing the cause of the problem will not deliver a solution.   It might satisfy the intellect and it might feel as if you can prevent the problem from happening again, but what we really want is the solution to this perceived problem and we want it now.

First things first, go within and seek connection to Truth, Spirit, God...whatever you want to call it.  Next, rather than telling the higher energy about the problem, ask that you see Truth in all aspects of every experience.  Ask that you see correctly at all times in all things.  Next, give thanks that there is no problems in Truth and that you are grateful that you can perceive Truth now.  

The solution to all perceived problems is always going to be Truth.  Truth is always going to be more valuable to you than the perceived problem.  That is why "The Solution is always more important than the problem."
It's really quite simple when we break it down.
Blessings Always,