Pray Up Your Walls

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Pray Up Your Walls”

“Praying up the walls” is a term I use when I frequently pray in the same place or when a lot of spiritual activity happens in the room or rooms.  For instance, the walls of our Unity space are “prayed up”.  The walls of certain rooms in my home are “prayed up” because that is where I do my meditations.  

Are your walls “prayed up”?  If not, start now.  Find a sacred space in your home and begin praying there on a regular basis.  Is your workplace “Prayed up”?  Don’t wait for someone else to start there.  You do it.  Every time you walk in, take the time to pray.  Bless the walls and the ceilings and the floors.  Put your hands on the walls and say, “Thank you.”  We want the space around us to cooperate in love.  Urge that on, by loving up the space around you.  If you can find others to pray with you, it will “pray up” the place even faster.

Start doing this and pay attention to the difference.  None of the shifts will be a coincidence; each shift will be the result of active prayer.  Go ahead, do it if you aren’t already.  If you already do, keep up the good works.  

Holding you in prayerful joy,