Pray, Knowing What You Want and Let Go of What You Don’t Want

Hey Everybody,
"Pray, Knowing What You Want and Let Go of What You Don’t Want”

A question I often ask is, “Do you spend more time praying each day or worrying?  The answer could be that you pray more.  The thing is, our worry is our prayer.  If we are too focused on our worries, we are likely to manifest even more of them.  

What do you want and what do you think it will give you?  Become willing to experience that before you even go into prayer.  Once you are in prayer, don’t bother to ask for what you want.  Use your prayer time to connect with the Source of all experience and manifestation.  Use your prayer time to KNOW your Source and your connection to It. 

Do not take into prayer the stuff you don’t want.  Don’t go into prayer asking God to get rid of stuff because you think it’s bad.  Spend your prayer time getting to know God and what God is.  Then get to know yourself and what you are.  

What you want is immaterial to God.  You KNOWING God is everything.  Once that takes place, you’ll just want more of that.  “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added.”  Know what you want and then go about the business of prayer.

Here’s to the Kingdom of God,

Rev. Shawn