Is Peace a Priority?

Hey Everybody,
“Is Peace a Priority?”

We’re approaching the second Sunday of Advent; Peace.  Is peace a priority in your life?  If it is, we must stop criticizing ourselves and each other over things that don’t matter and start praising everything and everyone that is praiseworthy; even in the smallest of ways.
I was sent something to see online this morning and while I probably shouldn’t be at this point, I was shocked at the hatred that poured from a news channel reporter.  He was vehemently trying to convince his listeners of both his Christianity and how the religion that Jesus comes from is a political agenda to destroy the world.  I’ve not heard anything like this since the nazi party tried to eliminate whole cultures of people.  

I hope that you will read on here because that was the ugliest part of this message and now we look to see a solution for this confusion.
If I want peace, I have got to love those that threaten me.  “How could I possibly love those people?”  Since God is Love itself, I need to go within and ask the highest part of Mind how to do that.

We must first understand that everyone thinks they are doing the right thing to get to the love they want to experience.  It is unfortunate that so many of us think that lying, cheating, stealing and killing are a way to get there.  For so many of us, our feelings have been so hurt that we think the only way to get through it is to hurt ourselves some more, or hurt someone else.  I have learned that I maintain my own hurt every time I try to hurt someone else.  While some think that eliminating a culture, religion, tribe, ethnicity or political party is the path to joy (one that has never worked), we simpler folk think in terms of, “if I could just get rid of this neighbor, family member, or the kids attacking the neighborhood, then I could be happy.”  It’s all the same thing.  It comes down to changing the world rather than awakening to the Good that I and all beings are.

Do not try to change the world until you are willing to change how you see the world and your place of Love in it.  

Peace is possible, but I must be willing that all beings have it before I can claim it for my own.  Check your willingness and do the Mind work necessary if you can’t find it.  

Happy Holy Days,

Rev. Shawn