Opportunity or Burden?

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Opportunity or Burden?”

Are the things I want an opportunity to Love and experience peace or are they a burden to be maintained?  I’ve known several people who have gotten high-end cars only to spend a lot of time worrying about them getting damaged.  Although these people do get more exercise because they park their vehicles at the far end of the parking lot to avoid getting nicked.

Quitting smoking was so incredibly hard and it took a lot of energy but it was a great opportunity to know prayer at a deeper level and to be able to serve more deeply.  

So it’s not about the amount of work involved, but it could be about the tension and is it good for all.  It’s fine to have luxurious things, but not at the cost of fretting and selfishness.  

One of the things we are taught in seminary is “self-care”.  Many ministers forget to take an appropriate amount of time for themselves.  Then they burn out and ministry becomes a burden rather than an opportunity to know God and all of the wonderful aspects of God that led us to ministry in the first place.  The same thing can happen in the medical profession.  

For today, look at your goals, your work and your play and see if they are an opportunity to know God in you or are they a burden to pray to have taken away.

Have a lovely time in your opportunities,

Rev. Shawn