Now That the Holiday Is Over...?

"Now That the Holiday Is Over...?"

Many of us participated in a fast for the Lenten season.  Hopefully, that fast was abstinence from gossip, criticism and complaining.  The literal definition of Lent is to lengthen.  How many of us want to lengthen our Easter-time fast?  How many of us want to expand the bliss we have already started?  How many of us would like to start this practice?

At the beginning of Lent back in February, I wasn't anything close to being willing to commit to this fast.  Two Sunday's before Easter, I believed I was ready to throw myself into the possibility of this generous fast.  It was very successful.  I'm not going to say that I never complained or criticized, and perhaps I gave into gossip a few times, but there was never a time that I wasn't conscious of it and there were dozens of times (perhaps hundreds) where I stopped myself before I expressed the thoughts that would betray my commitment.

Now Easter and Lent are over.  Shall we lengthen our commitment just for the sheer joy of it?  Let's remember that this fast isn't for the opportunity to experience even more guilt when we fall short of the ideal.  It is to offer ourselves the "freedom from the bondage of self."  We give ourselves this gift of abstinence from gossip, criticism and complaining so that we may experience our god-selves in all of God's glory.
Ask yourself if this is the time for you to continue your fast, or if it is time for you to begin.  We don't need religious symbols to practice the Good of God now.  We just need the desire and willingness to practice what we say we believe.

Let's go team!  Let's practice our spiritual freedom together.
Blessings Every day in Every Way,