In this moment I AM…

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
"One Moment At a Time"

Happy New Year, Everybody!  

It is a New Year’s tradition to make resolutions for the upcoming year.  I can’t really do that.  It’s too hard to commit to a whole year and I often forget somewhere along the way what my commitment even was.  If I do remember, I often experience guilt for not having kept up with it.  Today, I’m thinking of committing to the moment.

“For this moment, I am willing to experience forgiveness for…”

“For this moment, I am committed to prosperity.”

“In this moment, I am willing to see Love of all beings as I am certain that God sees Love of all beings.”

“For this moment, I am willing to know that I am Love.”  

“For this moment, I am willing to know that I am not in competition with anyone and no one is competing against me.”  

Take everything moment by moment.  Yes, some moments may carry over into other moments and that is how new healthy habits are formed, but we won’t concern ourselves with that for now.  It is this moment we will focus on.  “For this moment I AM KNOWING that because GOD IS, I AM!”

Happy New Moment,

Rev. Shawn