Mind Your Own Business

Hey Everybody,
"Mind Your Own Business"

It sounds so harsh to say that, doesn’t it.   But what if you simply said it to yourself?  “Mind your own business, Shawn.”  It doesn’t sound nearly as affrontive when I say it to myself as when someone says it to me.  I guess it is the tone with which I hear it as well as my embarrassment level.  

Now, let’s look at the wisdom in the statement.  Is it wise to mind my own business?  It seems that frequently, when we are looking into someone else’s affairs, we are assuming that God is somehow absent from their thoughts or…we are treating other beings as if they are stupid and have no good sense…unlike ourselves.

Parents, how often do you take the time to remember that your children are also guided by God and simply need your support, rather than your control?  Children of the elderly, same question to you, are you taking the time to acknowledge God’s presence in your aging relatives?  These beings need support rather than control.

Each of us, are we taking the time to seek support and guidance from our creative Source rather than bossing It or blaming It?  We need support not fixing.  

So, as we focus on ourselves as far as what is ours to think, say and do, we shall mind our own business and be in support, rather than in control of others.  Sounds like a much easier day to me.

Thank you for these days together,