Christmas in July!
Starting this June, with your help, Unity Center will support children in the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club of Bridgeport’s summer camp program. These are children from families in need. For generations, Wakeman has fulfilled its mission to guide and inspire young people, especially those who are most in need, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

Due to Covid, Wakeman Boys & Girls Club has drastically reduced the number of children who can attend camp this summer. However, they are very much in need of support for the program. Below are the ways in which we can help make Christmas in July for the kids.

Ice Cream Truck Visit
First: Let’s treat the kids with a visit from an ice cream truck! To do this we are seeking contributions to raise a total of $150.

Deadline: Funds are needed at Unity Center by June 30.

How to donate: Call the office to pledge the amount of your support. We ask that you call so that we can keep a tally of the $150 that is needed. Make your check payable, mail it to Unity Center and mark in the memo for “Ice Cream – Summer Camp”.

Online Wishlist
Second: In addition to the ice cream truck visit, we want to provide much needed summer camp and back to school supplies from the kids wishlist. The gifts are affordable with a price range that will meet a variety of budgets. Shopping is from the convenience of your home by clicking here . For your convenience, this no hassle shopping also delivers the gifts directly to the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club.

Deadline: Make your purchase no later than July 17.

Online purchasing instructions: Please be sure to mark the item(s) purchased as a gift and print “your name from Unity Center” on the note card (or if you are more comfortable being anonymous, be sure to write “from Unity Center” on the note card so they’ll know it’s from us).  Your receipt may also be emailed to the office for tax credit.

For more information about Christmas in July, email your inquiry to