Meal Provision: At 5pm, Friday, April 10.
There are still a few spots open to help prepare dinner for
35 to 40 homeless individuals living at Inspirica. Please
sign-up if you’d like to be a part of this love-filled activity.

Inspirica is equipped with a full kitchen stocked with cooking
utensils, pots and pan, etc., meals can be prepared ahead of
time or on-site. However, no serving is required, we will only
prepare it for self-service.


Reading with Students @ Silvermine Elementary School
There are 4 to 5 spots still open if you’d like to participate in this
heartfelt project for about 20 minutes to a half hour once per
month on any weekday at either 9:30am or 1:15pm. The ele-
mentary school is located at 157 Perry Ave in Norwalk. If
interested, there is a signup sheet on the bulletin board in the



We are seeking two volunteers, one to manage the Food Drive (twice per year), and the second to
manager the Meal Provision program coordination (2 to 4 times annually).

For more information about these programs or to volunteer,  please contact