Living From the Super-consciousness:Nobody Wins While We Are Divided

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Nobody Wins While We Are Divided”

There has been too much focus on winning and losing.  The reason I say “too much” is because I’ve heard more criticism of political candidates than I have heard about how we can awaken to the Christ consciousness within us.  I understand, so many are afraid of the outcome of stuff, and that is because we seem to think that is more real than God.  However, we cannot count on politicians to break the seeming divide between people; we must do that ourselves.  

“How are we to do it, Shawn?”  By interrupting your thoughts and comments about what is wrong with people and become well acquainted with your own thoughts and how to lift them up.  Are your thoughts and beliefs going to join us all in Spirit, or are they tearing us apart?  BTW, our thoughts can tear us apart even if it seems like no one knows what you are thinking.  Our prayers, whether they are meant to be prayers or not are very powerful.  The universe hears our thoughts and words even when we think they are private thoughts.  The universe then works to bring into manifestation what we are thinking.  That’s why so much is fuzzy.  

“I am willing that all beings win as a result of our choices.”  “I am willing that all beings unite in Love!”  “I am willing that all beings come together in the realization of Oneness and that no-thing can ever tear us apart in reality.”  “I AM-GOD IS-WE ARE!

Please remember, God doesn’t lose because God has nothing to win.  GOD IS!

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

We Are Good,

Rev. Shawn