Living From the Super-consciousness:My One Defect”

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“My One Defect”

In Twelve Step healing, they talk a lot about defects of character.  (One does not need to be in Twelve Step recovery to focus on defects of character.  The 4T’s program also focuses on it as well as Step Six and Seven.)   I get it, we need to stop the behaviors that stand in the way of ourselves and God-consciousness.  The issue for me is that so many who are healing use their “defects” of character in order to beat up on themselves so which of these defects are they actually releasing or handing over to the care of God?  We are not walking defects!

The conclusion I have reached is that we only have one defect of character.  That defect is our unwillingness to accept our divinity.  Many say, and they are correct, “I am a good person.”  However, admitting you are “good” without understanding what that means, does not mean that you have accepted your divinity.  

Accepting our divinity is accepting our Oneness with God and accepting that all beings are One with God.  Then, from accepting it, we practice it in all of our affairs.  When I fail to do this, that’s when all of the symptoms of spiritual sickness come in.  We become liars and thieves.  We cheat and we scheme.  Sloth takes over and we feel free to gossip and character assassinate.  In our unconscious disconnect we allow these behaviors into varying degrees.  We blame others for what “they did to us.”  Life becomes “unfair” and “unjust”.  Our racism and prejudice starts leaking through our thoughts and words.  All in all, we become convinced that we are somehow separate from God and each other and we are justified to think this way.  

“But I’m a good person, how can I be living like this?”  We live like this because we forgot to accept our divinity today.  I encourage each of us to begin each day by declaring, “I accept my divinity today!  I am one with God and my neighbor.  There is no separation between God, my fellow person and myself.  I am willing to surrender all behaviors that keep me thinking separation thoughts and take on my spiritual practice that reminds me of our Oneness.  I give thanks for remembering my divinity now.”

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

In Divine Remembering,
Rev. Shawn