Living From the Super-consciousness:Life Is NOT a Competition

Hey Everybody,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Life Is NOT a Competition”

 In living from the Super-consciousness, we must awaken to the realization that life is not for competing.  There aren’t winners and losers in life.  There is awakening and staying asleep.  

What if we think we are winning when we “one-up” one of our fellow beings?  Am I more in favor with God because I know how to criticize our politicians?  It seems to me that the more names I call them, makes me just as stupid as I’m saying they are.  See, no win there.  Makes us equal.  

I’m also not less than those who I think are saints.  Remember, we are not competing for sainthood.  To tell ourselves we are somehow inferior to another is a form of arrogance and it distorts our understanding of ourselves, each other and God.  We don’t have to work to be in God’s favor, but we must see ourselves and each other correctly in order to be at peace.  

To play a game of backgammon should not be a competition to see the superiority of the winner.  If both players play skillfully then often it is about the rolls of the dice.  If one player keeps rolling a 1 and a two while the other is getting all doubles, then it is not about superior playing so much as coincidence.  We might consider that when we are playing a game, we are actually playing opposite ourselves and so we should want everyone to play their best.  That way, it’s not about winning and therefore, no competition.  Go ahead and congratulate whoever scores the highest and congratulate everyone for playing their best.  

We are not competing for parking spaces.  We are not competing to be the fastest person on the highway.  Let’s face it, unless we are all going to the same destination, who is going to get there first.  Also, if we are all heading for heaven, by all means, hold the door open and be glad to let everyone in.

We aren’t competing for love.  If you think you are, get a new concept of love.  God IS Love Itself.  Embrace the concept and stay open to everyone receiving it.  Let’s walk beside one another and sing a happy song.

Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

All We Have Is Love,

Rev. Shawn