Living From the Super-consciousness:Effective Communication

Living From the Super-consciousness
“Effective Communication”
Hey Everybody,

Do you feel heard or unheard in your daily communications?  Does it feel as if you have to scream at people to get them to understand you?

Sometimes David will ask me what I just said, and I will repeat it louder and with succinct enunciation.  David always replies, “I heard you, I just don’t know what you mean.”

This always astounds me because I think that I said it as clearly as it could be communicated. I always think I say things clearly, don’t you?

However, if he didn’t understand what I was saying, I clearly didn’t communicate it in a way that he could hear me.  We’re both smart people so that can’t be the issue.

I began to wonder where else I wasn’t being heard...and why?  How and where am I not effectively communicating what I think I’m thinking?

In my prayer life, am I communicating what I actually want to experience or am I vague and fearful?  Am I praying from a place of believing or disbelieving?

Like with David, I believe I am communicating very clearly and yet he can’t hear me.  I also believe I am communicating clearly to the Universe.  I have to ask myself, am I communicating my thoughts in a way that the Universe can’t hear me?

I do understand that there are people who don’t seem to understand me because they don’t like what I am saying.  Now, am I not hearing the Universe’s response to me because I don’t like what it is saying?

Am I communicating honestly and clearly with my body?  With my money?  With strangers and friends?  Am I communicating in a way that people can hear me from where they are?

I have to look at my life to see the universal responses I get.  What is my body telling me in response to my affirming divine health?  What are my finances telling me in response to my affirmations of prosperity?  What are my relationships telling me about living harmoniously?

Effective communication means that I have expressed my thoughts, kindly, lovingly and inclusively.  Am I including the person I’m talking to in my conversation?  If I’m not, then I’m just thinking of myself and what I want.  I must be inclusive in my relationships.  Even my relationships with strangers must be inclusive if I want to be heard, rather than interpreted.  

 I encourage all of us to begin to check on ourselves and ask ourselves what we are saying to ourselves and each other.  Are we effectively communicating our god-selves when we speak, when we act, and when we react?  Pay attention and notice your powers of manifestation.

 Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

Yea for the teachings,

Rev. Shawn