Living From the Super-consciousness “Walk the Path of Divine Guidance”

Hey U-nity,
Living From the Super-consciousness
“Walk the Path of Divine Guidance”

Everyone IS Divinely Guided.  Not Everyone wants to walk the path of Divine Guidance.  If one fears not having enough, one will resist Divine Guidance.  The fearful being thinks they will lose if they listen and follow.  For some strange reason, fearful people think that God wants them to be poor.  Some think that if they are sick it must somehow be God’s will.  I say this to you now, “Cut it out!”  If your God wants you to be sick or poor or unhappy, you need a new God.  

Pay attention to your Divine Guidance and notice how loved you are.  Notice the wisdom and good sense in a lot of it.  Listen and see how you prosper in ways that are bigger than the ways that you had thought.  Listen and experience wellness coming from within.  Listen.

I understand how nerve-wracking it can be when you aren’t used to it.  Here’s what I suggest you do: “I accept that God is FOR me and all beings.  God is willing that I and all beings thrive in wellness, harmony and financial abundance.  I am grateful to realize this now and I move forward in spite of any appearances to the contrary, because I KNOW that God is on mine and everyone’s side.  Amen.”

Walk the path of Divine Guidance.

Let’s affirm together, “The Superconscious Mind is awake in me now!”

God IS Really FOR Us,
Rev. Shawn